How We Operate

Ball Brothers Foundation is likely the oldest private foundation in Indiana still led by members of its founding family. Our governing panel blends representatives from two generations of descendants of the Ball brothers with several regional business and civic leaders. Because our onsite staff is small, we have developed a network of friends and associates to keep us apprised of trends and opportunities outside our walls.

Prospective grantees are encouraged to reach out to Ball Brothers Foundation staff prior to submitting an application. Discussing a potential project with a program officer before submission provides the opportunity for both parties to determine if it is a good fit. Call the office at 765-741-5500 or email

To boost efficiency, organizations are encouraged to submit grant proposals online. This standardizes the amount of information prospective grantees provide and reduces the time for requests to move through our evaluation process. After the office staff ensures that the proposals comply with BBF guidelines, we encourage members of our board to participate in the research phase that determines funding recommendations. In recent years some 60 nonprofit groups have shared in annual distributions ranging from $5 million to $6 million.

As part of our grant-making deliberations, we honor past priorities, support timely projects and actively seek to identify future initiatives. We remain committed to seven legacy organizations: IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital; Ball State University; Camp Crosley/Muncie YMCA; Cardinal Greenway, Inc.; Cornerstone Center for the Arts; Indiana Youth Institute; and Minnetrista Cultural Foundation. As important as these groups are to us, no organization is exempt from our rigorous standards regardless of its historic good work or its longtime relationship with BBF.